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Festival Dates for 2018 - ​August 9, 10, 11 & 12



Between 1890 & 1924, Italian immigrants flocked to Ohio’s Mahoning Valley. The area’s burgeoning iron & steel industries beckoned with job prospects for immigrants fleeing southern & Eastern Europe—particularly from Southern Italy, a region that at the time lacked opportunity & highly taxed its natives. Upon the arrival of these new residents, neighborhoods such as Youngstown’s Smoky Hollow & Brier Hill offered accepting communities, & Niles Fire Brick Factory Company & Trumbull Blast Furnace provided employment. Assimilation was not always easy, & discrimination occurred, but Italian Americans ultimately prospered, making a mark not only as steelworkers but also as shopkeepers, grocers, restaurateurs, tradesmen, educators, doctors, lawyers, legislators, & mayors. Read the book that explores the immigration experience, community, workplace dynamics, celebrations, worship, heritage, & lasting impact of the second-largest ethnic group in Ohio’s Mahoning Valley.Available at Amazon

Congratulations to this year’s scholarship winners!

Andrea Clapp              San Diego State University
Christiana Graham     Towson University
Terra O’Brien              Kent State University              
Rachael Pinti               Youngstown State University
Jeremy Sidoti              Kent State University
Alyssa Titi                   Youngstown State University
Hunter Urick                University of Toledo
Eleanor VanWinkle     University of Cincinnati